Europos Centras – Davide Brittain 1996

Another wanderer in this issue is Marco Signorini who photographs “poetic” places – including Europos Centras: the “geographicalcentre of Europe”, 25 deg 19 min longitude and 54 deg 54 min latitude, 20 miles north of the Lithuanian city of Vilnius. Confronted with the banal stuff of reality, Signorini used his skills to transform a few figures in a field, some charred remains and a river into an arrangement of signs that tell a strange narrative or allegory involving the family, the elements, and absence. The work of Signorini and Anthony Hernandez, draws attention to the European habit of privileging evidence above all other types of responses to phenomena. […] Signorini’s work poses questions about the deficiency of the camera image as a means of conveying a subjective experience, and stands as one possible solution. It also reminds us of the complex interplay between collective consciousness and personal perception that informs the process of assigning meaning to images. […] In their very different ways each contributor offers an answer to the question: what does photograph show?


David Brittain (editor), Creative Camera february/march 1996


~ di marco su 27 maggio 2008.


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